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MyBillBoard explanation
Get your messages out! MyBillBoard software makes any monitor into your personal billboard.

Send a message from a control PC to show that message on remote monitors.
Send ads from a control PC to show those ads on remote monitors.
Make a slide show on a control PC and play that show on remote monitors.

Control multiple remote displays from one control PC.
MyBillBoard gets your messages displayed quickly and easily.
Visual Effect MyBillBoard demo
Advantages It's fast. No need to go to each display to update it.
Control all the remote displays from one central location.
It's wireless. You can set up a remote display quickly.
It uses standard hardware. Any PC will serve.
It scales up easily and inexpensively.
It's an advertising tool
Monitors instore windows display your ads 24 / 7.
Use MyBillBoard to promote back roommerchandise.
Store specials can be announced whenever the manager decides to have them.
It's a notification system Show time critical messages quickly. For example:
Conferences announce times and rooms for talks.
Hotels announce seminar room changes.
Conventions can find attendees walking the floor.
It's a monitoring tool Constant visual display of, e.g:
number of items produced,
remaining time before chemical refill needed, or
temperature of cold storage chamber.
Smart Tools can write custom software to interface to your equipment sensors.
How does it work? MyBillBoard software controls the remote display.
A companion software, Composer, runs on the control PC.

Use Composer to create a show with messages and images.
MyBillBoard checks for new shows made by Composer. Upon finding finds a new show, MyBillBoard displays it.
Complete systems
We supply the software and hardware, and configure all of it. You only need to decide where you want to put the remote displays and plug them in.
Software only is also
Use your own hardware, we supply the software.
Contact Smart Tools at (650)967-3875 or
Demo software
Free demonstration of MyBillBoard can be downloaded from here. Just download the EXE and run the installation. If your browser can't download an EXE, download a ZIP version. Then unzip and run the EXE as before. The EX_ version is the same as the EXE, just renamed to enable downloading.
MyBillBoard Setup (EXE - run directly to install)
MyBillBoard Setup (ZIP - unzip, then run EXE)
MyBillBoard Setup (EX_ - rename to EXE, then run)
Requirements 1PC for Composer, 1PC for each remote Billboard display, Internet or LAN access.