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RFID Shield WS-C: Keeps Data Private

RFID Shield rigid and flexible style in polypropylene
RFID Shield rigid style in vinylRFID Shield protecting credit card in a wallet
What do the pictures show? The top row (left) photos show a rigid Shield and then a flexible Shield, both made from polypropylene. The next photo shows a Shield protecting an ID card. The rightmost photo shows a shielded ID card being displayed in a badge holder. You can see the ID card clearly, even as RFID Shield prevents any rfid communication. We sell compatible badge holders.
The next row shows a rigid Shield made from vinyl. It is keeping a credit card rfid silent even as it clearly displays the card (center photo). This Shield is typically kept in a wallet (right photo).
What problem does it solve? Many new credit cards, id cards and driver's licenses now talk rfid. These cards may contain your name, credit card number, birthdate, etc. Anyone with the right reader can read your card. So the problem is your card might be read and give out your information when you don't want it to.
What does RFID Shield do? RFID Shield stops readers from reading your card. Your card uses passive rfid, meaning it can't send data unless it gets energy from a reader. RFID Shield blocks this energy transfer. Without energy your card can't divulge your information.
How does this benefit me? Your card is unreadable when it is in our RFID Shield. Your data is kept private. Your data is not given out until you want to give it out.
How do I use it? Yes, it's easy. Slide your card into RFID Shield. You're done! Slide your card out to read it. Slide your card back in to protect it again.
Has it been tested by a testing lab? Our RFID Shield has been tested by the USA Federal Govt FIPS201 lab. It is approved for use by government agencies to prevent unauthorized reading of rfid cards.
Other notes RFID Shield is light and thin.
It's transparent. You can show someone your card and still keep it silent.
It fits in your wallet or badge holder.
Other sizes available; i.e., for European cards we have 59mm x 92mm, and more.
What styles are there? Choose either a rigid style (like a stiff playing card) or a flexible style (bends freely). Both styles can be made from either polypropylene or vinyl.

Our polypropylene material has no PVC, is acid free, and is archival safe for cards with pictures (i.e., ID cards). Our vinyl material is thicker and durable against very frequent insertions and removals.
Prices All styles are the same price. Specify what styles you want in Instructions to Seller when you purchase. Our most popular style is flexible/vinyl.
US $10 for qty 4
Shipping is $3 any quantity (both domestic and international).