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Toll Tag Protector TTP-1

Prevent Unwanted Charges New toll lanes might accidentally charge your toll tag even when you're not using the toll lane. You can prevent accidental charges by putting your tag in our Toll Tag Protector. The Protector is an electromagnetic barrier that stops electronic communication. Since the toll reader can't talk to your toll tag, your tag can't be charged.
To protect your toll tag Put your tag in the Toll Tag Protector. Close the lid. Your tag can't be charged now.
To activate your toll tag Take your tag out of the Toll Tag Protector. Place it on your dashboard (where the toll reader can see it), and away from the Protector. Your toll tag will respond to the toll reader.
Small and compact Your toll tag fits easily into the TTP-1. The TTP-1 fits easily in your glove compartment.
Inexpensive $10ea (+ sales tax, California sales only).
$3 shipping (flat fee - $3 for qty 1, $3 for qty 2, $3 for qty 3 or more)
Two ways to order 1. Call us at the phone number or email listed below.
2. Order using the Paypal button.
Compatible Tags The California FasTrak tag fits easily. Any toll tag whose longest dimension is smaller than 5" and thinner than 7/8" thick will fit inside.
Other Uses The Protector stops RFID skimming of any RFID items you may have (i.e., ID card, RF enabled credit card, RF enabled ID badge, merchanise tag, etc.) You can keep these items from being read by placing them in the Protector, too.
Specifications 5" diameter, 1" thick. No batteries needed.